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Ms. Aiko Tabuchi was born in Okayama Prefecture. She graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University, Graduate School of Music and Arts with a Master's Degree in Music. She participated in the Ryukyu Classical Performing Arts Contest and won the highest prize for her Sanshin performance. 

She studied Ryukyu Classical Music with a focus on the Afuso Sanshin style under Grand Master Cyouichi Terukina (a living national treasure of Japan).

She is a woman the plays the Afuso style Sanshin, which is a style generally dominated by men. She performed a solo recital in 2006 at the Okayama Korakuen, and again in 2019 at the National Theatre Okinawa.

She taught Sanshin at Taipei National University of Arts in 2019. She appeared in the Okinawa based movie, “Zanpa,” where she is playing Sanshin. Furthermore, she is a licensed Afuso Sanshin teacher, which was issued by the Ryukyu Traditional Afuso Sanshin Organization. Her Sanshin skill has promoted her to be a Ryukyu Traditional Arts Competition Judge for Ryukyu Shinpou. In her own words, “Most of the people who play Ryukyu traditional music are Okinawan. As a person from outside the prefecture of Okinawa, I have discipline to study Sanshin consistently to better understand the Sanshin musical art and Okinawian Uchinaguchi language. Therefore, I continue to study and practice the Sanshin daily in order to better my skills and craft of teaching.”

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