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What is Ryukyu traditional music?


Sanshin is a very famous Okinawan musical instrument. However, Ryukyu traditional music is less known outside of Okinawa compared to the Sanshin.

Ryukyu traditional music began in Ryukyu Samurai society during the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The Ryukyu traditional music genre was a form of enjoyment, performed during ceremonies at Shuri Castle and at the home Ryukyu Samurai. Uniquely different from Okinawan folk songs, you can feel the heart and soulful melody of Ryukyu traditional music. The format of the songs used for Ryukyu traditional music lyrics are called, “Ryuka.” Ryuka is studded with Okinawan nature and the rich sensitivity of the people. Ryukyu traditional music is not only music, but also clues to Okinawan history and customs.

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